How To Apply Eye Liner: Best Tips

Posted on Feb 11 2014 - 10:01am by Style Guru
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Makeup is one of the most important part of women’s life. Applying makeup is such a difficult task but it is quite easy when you follow tips and tricks of makeup on. In this post, we are here going to share with you  some best tips for how to apply eye liner correctly. Eye liner is using to prominent and highlight the beauty of eyes. Eye liner is always define the eye shape and it is most important to know that how to apply eye liner. There are some best tips of applying correct eye liner. Let’s see below:

How To Apply Eye Liner: Best Tips

How To Apply Eye Liner Best Tips 1

Following are the tips to apply eye liner correctly below:

1. Firstly, you should have to choose a best eye liner and then decide the shape for your eye liner.

2. You should have to start applying eye liner by creating a dotted line direct above the lashes of upper eye lid.

3. Afterward, you should have to join the dots with slow hand.

4. It is suggestion that, always apply eye liner with slightly move, it will help you applying eye liner without bumpy line.

5. At last, make sure that the dots joined correctly and that the ends of the line taper slightly and ending in a blunt, rounded dot.

In addition, if you want to give your eyes a bigger look then apply the eye liner with slightly hand in the inner corner of eyes.

By following these best tips of how to apply eye liner, you will get a perfect look. If you like these tips then share this post to your friends and cousin :)

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