Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 4:02pm by Style Guru
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Having a beautiful and lovely skin is a dream of everyone. A women is looking beautiful if her skin is beautiful. Every type of skin can be easily damage, if we don’t take good care of it. In every season, women always faces with intensive skin problems such as cracking, dryness, pimples and acne problems and so on. There are so may products are available in market by which we can easily get a beautiful skin. But because of harsh chemicals skin must be effected with some problems. These products can snatch our glowing and healthy look from skin. Here are so many home remedies, by following these we can get beautiful skin with natural beauty without any side effects. Let’s check out some home remedies for beautiful skin below:

Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin

Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin 1

1. Firstly, we are here share with you a home remedy for glowing and healthy skin is the use of Rose Water and Egg. Take an egg yolk and white of 2 eggs and mix them in a rose water. Mix them nicely until you will get a mixture. Apply the mixture on face and leave it for 20 minutes. After that, wash it with a warm water.

2. Another home remedy is a skin gloss. For this home remedy take 1 cup of beeswax oil with sea-some oil and mix in beet juice. Leave the paste until you get a thick mixture. Apply it on face and for getting glossy and shiny look.

3. Third home remedy is to getting beautiful and lovely eyes. For the removal of eye makeup here is an another home remedy. Take 1tsp of canola oil and castor oil and mix it with 2tsp of olive oil. Use the mixture for removing eye makeup with a soft cotton pads and balls.

4. Last one is the raspberry scrub for skin acre. Take sugar and mix with an olive oil to make a mixture and apply the mixture on face for 20 minutes. By this home remedy you can get a lovely and refreshing face.

By implementing these home remedies for beautiful skin, you will get a new natural look every day.

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